Playoff Picture: Corso Style

Full Disclosure: With a busy week on service, this is going to be a quick, but hopefully not dirty, version of the Playoff Picture. In honor of the patron saint of Game Day, I give you “Corso style.”

Peach Bowl (#1 vs. #4)- Georgia vs. Clemson

Down week for Georgia last week, but they are still the cream of the college football crop. Clemson survived with a huge win over Wake Forest, but they still have some question marks. They have a huge chance to answer those questions against NC State on Saturday night.

Fiesta Bowl (#2 vs. #3)- Ohio State vs. Washington

Welcome back to the fold Washington! Michael Penix has the Huskies rolling and has a chance to keep them rolling with a “Pac-12 After Dark” Friday night special against UCLA. This will be a fun game with Penix vs. DTR. Ohio State handled Wisconsin. Business as usual.

Cotton Bowl- Coastal Carolina vs. Penn State

The Group of Five has been disappointing this year, but Coastal Carolina remains unbeaten. Grayson McCall’s mullet remains beautiful. Penn State keeps on winning. They have their first chance to reall prove their mettle in two weeks against Michigan.

Orange Bowl- Syracuse vs. Tennessee

This would be the “orangest” of all Orange Bowls and a Fanta marketing executive’s wet dream. Syracuse continues to win games in thrilling fashion. Tennessee continues to roll, but still need to prove they can challenge Alabama or Georgia.

Sugar Bowl- Alabama vs. Kansas

Finally! Alabama finally looked up to their ranking last week, albeit against Vanderbilt. This weekend is a chance to prove that they have corrected the issues that plagued them against Texas. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Keep it rolling Kansas!

Rose Bowl- USC vs. Minnesota

USC survived against Oregon State. That may not look impressive on paper, but the Beavers are a solid team and Caleb Williams looks for real. Speaking of for real, P.J. Fleck has Minnesota rowing the boat towards a Big Ten West title! He’s just gotta keep the boat in the water and off the rocks against Purdue this weekend.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Julie Bennett/

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