Late Night Sports with Sam and Ross: Episode IV

Episode four is ready now and thankfully we got this one up on time this week.  With the Oscars and Election dominating the news this week, Ross and Sam decided that for this week’s 4×4 we would give out some 2015 Late Night Sports Awards with a nomination/vote style metric for giving out the awards (37:40).  We also talk with No Coast Bias Lead Writer Dan Soden about the upcoming fight between Connor McGregor and Nate Diaz, the New York Giants and the Oklahoma City Thunder (21:07).  Producer Chris Kratzer also joined us to cast his vote for the Late Night Sports Awards (55:42).  We also opened the podcast with some “conversations” with candidates and people closely tied to the upcoming election (0:58), and break some news about the Donald Trump campaign (10:35)!  We hope you guys enjoy and as always feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion below!

Note: Sam made a mistake around the 16 minute mark when he said Cordy Glenn signed a franchise tag deal with the Giants.  Glenn signed that franchise tag deal with the Bills, not the Giants.  

Credit Cover Photo to AFP Photo/Monirul Bhuiyan

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