Studs and Duds: Kenny Hilliard’s a Man (but not 40)

It’s Monday so you know what that means, another edition of studs and duds. There were several candidates for studs, but duds were a little harder to come by in a relatively calm week of college football.


We know this team can put up huge numbers, as evidenced by the shootout with Baylor a few weeks ago. The Horned Frogs hung a mind boggling 82 points on the Ryan Gosling Red Raiders this weekend. I’ll go out on a limb and say that 82 points will be more points scored than at least half of the basketball games TCU plays this season. Trevone Boykin threw for 433 yards and 7 touchdowns. Aaron Green and Trevorris Johnson both rushed for over 100 yards and had over 10 yards per carry. In the end, Texas Christian racked up 785 yards of offense on their way to a complete beat down of Texas Tech.



Read above. I don’t think I need to explain anymore. That’s a ridiculous amount of yards and points, I don’t care who you are. The defensive coordinator should have been fired before he made it back to the locker room.


Tennessee had hope that they could knock off Lane Kiffin. (“Who cares about Alabama let’s just beat Kiffin and roll his yard and egg his house and set his car on fire” said every Rocky Top fan last week). That hope lasted all of about 15 seconds when, on the first play from scrimmage, Amari Cooper took a Blake Sims pass 80 yards to the house. That would be the beginning of a field day for Cooper. He totaled 9 catches for 224 yards and 2 touchdowns. With another huge game, Cooper has quietly snuck his way into the Heisman race and should get an invite to NYC as a finalist if he can keep his fantastic play up.



With 9 seconds left and no timeouts, Ole Miss is about to attempt a 42 yard field goal to let both Mississippi dreams escape “The place where dreams go to die”. But what happened? The field goal unit gets a delay of game pushing them back 5 yards and out of their kickers range. What happened next should come as no surprise.   Bo Wallace turned into “Cold Bo.” Instead of throwing a quick 5 yard out route to set the kicker up again, he launched one to the end zone only to have it intercepted with 2 seconds left. Ole Miss’s season and playoff hopes aren’t over by any means, but that road just got a little more difficult.


In the 4th quarter driving to tie the game, LSU handed Kenny Hilliard the ball with 9:20 left to go. And boy did he deliver. After putting on a spin move that would make a ballerina proud, Hilliard delivered a stiff arm that sent an Ole Miss defender flying so far out of bounds that it looked more like something from Star Wars than a football game. LSU would go on to score the go ahead touchdown thanks in large part to Mr. Hilliard’s running. I love a good stiff arm and this one has to be towards the top of the best ones that I have ever seen.

16179615-mmmain DUD: TEXAS OFFENSE

Charlie Strong is cleaning house and the Longhorn program. Maybe too much. With a huge matchup against Kansas State, Texas needed a big win to get its season back on track. Instead, they got a big ole poop sandwich and all Longhorns were forced to eat it. The defense actually wasn’t bad holding the Fighting Snyders to 367 yards and 23 points. The offense on the other hand was abysmal. Only 196 yards of total offense and a big fat goose egg on the scoreboard. I think Strong is doing the right thing by cleaning house. He’s building the program the right way but too many more games like that and Longhorn nation will get impatient and he won’t be around to see the fruits of his hard work.


With a week to prepare, Gus Malzahn challenged the Auburn offense to be more physical at the point of attack and return to the hard-nosed rushing that everyone saw last season. Challenge accepted. Auburn piled up 395 yards on the ground, led by Cameron Artis-Payne with 167 yards. Ricardo Louis added 102 of his own and Nick Marshall was 11 yards short of making it three 100 yard rushers, although he did have 3 rushing touchdowns. Running the football is the bread and butter of Malzahn’s offense so if he can keep these numbers up in the weeks to come, watch out because there may be some slobber knockers in the future.


The Wolverines needed a win over rival Michigan State to turn down the thermostat on Brady Hoke’s hot seat (anyone else think he could pass as NJ Governor Chris Christie’s brother??). The Michigan rushing attack did all it could in the first have to pour straight gasoline on the “Fire Hoke” fire. The Spartans held the Wolverines to a grand total of 0 yards rushing in the first half. That’s one way to make sure you do not win the game. They finished with 61 yards rushing but if I were Brady Hoke, I’d be cleaning out my office and hoping brother Chris will give him a job if he becomes POTUS.


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