Studs and Duds: Poor Michael Hunnicutt

Alright boys and girls, it’s Monday so you know what that means. Another edition of studs and duds. This week was surprisingly boring with blowouts and no contests littered throughout the weekend, with the exception of a couple of games.

STUD: State of Alabama’s Big 12 non-conference wins

In a year when strength of schedule and out of conference opponents will count more than ever, Auburn and Alabama both have two high quality Big 12 wins on the resume now (not that the SEC isn’t quality enough on its own). Auburn bettered its playoff chances this weekend without even playing. Kansas State knocked off Oklahoma to move up to #11 in the latest AP poll. West Virginia took care of Baylor in Morgantown to move back into the top 25. Both of these wins will look good in the eyes of the playoff selection committee.

DUD: Texas A&M offense

Remember when I said that A&M had a high powered offense that could put up points but a defense that couldn’t stop anyone? Well, I was half right. The defense can’t stop anyone. This week in Tuscaloosa the offense looked like it just picked random people out of the crowd and put them in a Texas A&M uniform. Thank goodnees Kenny Hill trademarked Kenny “Trill”, because he’ll have lots of time to fill out trademark paper work sitting on the pine. I honestly think the SEC Nation crew with Marcus Spears on the line, Paul Finebaum at wideout, Joe Tessitore at running back and Tim “Noodle Arm” Tebow at QB could have put up more than 0 points. Give Alabama credit, because shutting out someone is always impressive, but throwing up a goose egg when you are supposed to be an offensive team is embarrassing.


STUD: TCU defense

That’s right you read that correctly. “Studs and Duds” first ever worst to first. Zero to hero. A week after giving up 61 to Baylor, the Horned Frogs came out and held “The Man (He’s 40)” to a grand total of 9 points. Oklahoma State is no sorry team either. They gave Infamous Jameis all he could handle early in the season, and came in to this game ranked #15. The Cowboys usually put up big numbers, but not this past Saturday in Fort Worth.

DUD: The Florida Gator…..well everything

Florida got things going with a bang when Mizzou returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Things just went downhill from there. Jeff Driskel scored more for the other team than he did his own with an interception returned for a touchdown and a fumble returned for a touchdown. He finished 7-19 for 50 yards, 2 picks and 2 fumbles. Not a good way to keep the starting QB job. The special teams was terrible. The offense was terrible. The defense was terrible. It was just terrible and ended with fans chanting “Fire Muschamp”. And it may not be long before they get their wish.


STUD: Alabama at Bryant–Denny Stadium

This goes with the Texas A&M dud above, but if you haven’t noticed, the Tide are money when they play at home. Playing at home this year they have won 41-0, 52-12, 42-21 and 59-0. When on the road they have won 14-13 and lost 23-17. I don’t know what kind of Dr. Lou pep talks the Tide get in the friendly confines of Bryant Denny, but whatever it is sure does work.

DUD: Notre Dame game-winning plays

The game is on the line. Just a few seconds left inside your opponent’s 5 yard line. A touchdown wins the game. And what do you call? A pick play (or rub route if you’re an offensive player). These plays are legal if you do them correctly. Saturday night in Tallahassee was not the right way to do it. The Irish receiver literally went and bear hugged the corner to get the receiver open. Of course, a flag was thrown, as it should have been, which back the Catholics up 15 yards and all but ruined any chance to win. Maybe next time Brian Kelly will draw up a better game-winning play (or teach the receiver how to run a rub route).

STUD: Nick Chubb, RB Georgia

If you are a Georgia girl, you are no longer a Gurley girl…you’re a Chubby girl. It won’t be long before autograph sellers will be knocking down Nick Chubb’s door looking for him to sign 2000 Burger King napkins. Chubb has quickly made everyone forget all about Todd Gurley. He once again put on an impressive show to the tune of 30 carries, 202 yards and 2 touchdowns. If Gurley is able to come back this year or in the future, the Dawgs will have a 2 headed rushing attack not seen since the days of Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown in 2004 at Auburn.


DUD: Michael Hunnicutt

I feel for the kid I really do. He’s the school’s all-time scoring leader and a preseason all-conference pick. I mean I heard when he got home he tried to hang himself, but when he when to kick the chair out he missed (Oh come on you know you’ve heard that joke before relax). In all seriousness though, I really do hate it for the kid. Being a kicker is one of those jobs that no one notices unless you win the game on a game winning kick or miss a bunch and cost your team the win. In this case, the latter is exactly what happened. Hunnicutt missed 2 chip shot field goals that would have won the game for the Sooners. He also had an extra point blocked that would have sent the game into overtime. These things happen. Just ask Cade Foster/Adam Griffith for Alabama in Auburn or John Vaughn for Auburn in Baton Rouge. But in the end, K – State escapes with a win thanks, in part, to Mr. Hunnicutt.


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