Week 7 NFL Picks: The Skinny Post

My apologies for a very concise picks column for the week, hence the title “skinny post” which is one of my better double entendres if I can toot my own horn on that. Also, you get a nice cover photo of Randy Moss in his prime who is a) my favorite receiver ever b) was notable for having a thin frame among other things and c) a great post route runner. Honestly, when strapped for time and brain cells I feel like this was a pretty strong open. Let’s hope the picks will *ahem* “pick up”.

Tier 1: Minnesota Vikings Randy Moss (First Stint) (Season Record: 7-10-1)

Titans -2.5 over Colts (I know the Colts beat the Jaguars last week but they aren’t good and Tennessee is fine at home)

Giants +3 over Jaguars (Don’t understand this line. Sorry to my buddy Ben Sandifer but I’ve gotta fade the Jags now)

Seahawks +5.5 over Chargers (Simply put: I don’t trust the Chargers in the Vegas zone)

Tier 2: New England Patriots Randy Moss (Season Record: 4-14)

Saints +2.5 over Cardinals (I know Nuk is back for Arizona but still the Cardinals are stinky)

Broncos -1.5 over Jets (Said huh when I first saw line but I think Denver’s defense causes problems for Zach Wilson. Also I don’t know what it is but bet the under)

Patriots -7.5 over Bears (The Bears stink and, no matter who’s at quarterback, New England can run all over this team)

Tier 3: Minnesota Vikings Randy Moss (Retirement Stint) (Season Record: 8-13)

Cowboys -7 over Lions (Dak is likely back and I think the Cowboys defense can slow down Jared Goff…right?)

Raiders -7 over Texans (This is a bet against Houston and not a bet for Las Vegas)

Tier 4: Tennessee Titans Randy Moss (Season Record: 10-8)

Ravens -6.5 over Browns (The Ravens will close out a game eventually right? Right?)

Panthers +10.5 over Bucs (Can the Bucs beat a local high school by double digits right now?)

Chiefs -2.5 over 49ers (I’m betting against San Fran so they will probably win by two scores)

Tier 5: Oakland Raiders Randy Moss (Season Record: 11-6-1)

Falcons +6.5 over Bengals (The Falcons are better than all of us thought)

Commanders +4.5 over Packers (I can’t believe this is my pick but Rodgers is hurt, Green Bay might be bad and Washington might be better off with Taylor Heinicke)

Dolphins -7 over Steelers (Honestly would stay away. This is banking on Tua being back and healthy and Miami going back to what they were before Tua’s injury)

Season Record: 40-52-2

Cover Photo Courtesy of AP Photo/Tom Olmscheid

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