The Spread Offense: August 23, 2019|Week 0 and New Year’s Six Predictions

College football is back. This is a podcast talking about that.

On today’s edition of The Spread Offense, Brian and Sam round out their preview series by picking New Year’s Six bowl games, a Heisman winner, and making their first SOCC picks of the year. For those who need a reminder of what the SOCC is, rules are as follows:

Each week, Brian and Sam have $50 to spend on anywhere between two and five games. As the make (or lose) money each week, that gets piled together, with the winner being the person that makes the most money (or loses the least) by the end of the season. The winner then chooses a charity of their choice for both people to pay out their winnings (or losings) to. Make sense? I hope so, because I’m bad at explaining it.

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