The Spread Offense: August 3, 2018|Pac-12 Preview

This week on The Spread Offense, before Brian and Sam can examine the Pac-12, they briefly discuss the Urban Meyer news. There will almost certainly be more on this during next week’s Big Ten preview. So anyways…

The Pac-12! We take a look back at 2017, which was a bizarre year for Pac-12 football. We also break down the conference hierarchy, which seemed somewhat easy. We then dive into the RPO and discuss everyone from Stanford to Oregon State. Hope you didn’t think you were safe, Beavers! We conclude as we have been, by categorizing each team. We have a few disagreements here. Can I hear some noise for discourse?!

Anyway, that’s it for this week. We’re back with the Big Ten next week. Thanks for listening.

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