NFL Podcast: Week 15

Sam Pouncey and Chris Kratzer are pleased to introduce a new podcast to the 4 Down family of podcasts! For the rest of the season, Sam and Chris will come on weekly to break down each game, but they are doing it slightly different than most other podcasts. Many podcasts today center around gambling interests or some form of fantasy advice either for the traditional format or the newer and highly popular DFS format. Sam and Chris didn’t think you needed another podcast about that. Instead, they though that football fans should get a podcast that can guide them as to which games should be the most entertaining, interesting, and enjoyable to watch each week, so for the remainder of the season look for Chris and Sam to be your guides on how to maximize your football watching pleasure. Also, if you haven’t done so, please subscribe to the 4 Down Podcast network on iTunes at “Podcast – 4 Down Territory” and if you don’t mind give us a rating and help others find the pod! Enjoy!

Cover Photo Courtesy of Patrick Smith/Getty Images


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