2017 4DCS CFB Draft

For any of you who have followed 4 Down Territory over the last few years, first we would like to say thanks.  Second, you’ve probably noticed three things: we love sports, we love competing against each other, and we live for college football season. The 4 Down Championship Series, as explained on the pod, is a new form of fantasy sports that we have invented. The premise is that instead of drafting players to follow for a season, we draft teams. So, I guess it’s more like a cross between gambling and fantasy sports. Anyway, enough rambling.  Here are the results of the draft and the podcast:

Chris: Alabama, Oklahoma State, Penn State, USF, Miami, Washington State

Ross: Auburn, Florida State, Washington, Michigan, Texas, Toledo

Levi: Oklahoma, USC, Wisconsin, Louisville, Georgia, Western Kentucky

Sam: Ohio State, Clemson, Stanford, Houston, Florida, TCU

Cover Photo Courtesy of Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

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