The Open Man: Episode 11

The Open Man is a conversational sports podcast hosted by No Coast Bias’s and 4 Down Territory’s Sam Pouncey. Each week, Sam will bring on a guest to discuss pertinent sports topics of the day. The hope is to be both entertaining and informative. If you have any topic suggestions or would like to become a guest of the pod feel free to leave a comment below.

No Coast Bias contributor Dan Soden joined Sam on the podcast again this week to discuss the NBA Offseason, NBA and NFL contract discussions and what we expect for the 2017-2018 NBA season. The topics covered include: The Paul George Trade, The Chris Paul Trade, Richard Sherman’s and LeBron James’s recent contract comments, the Celtics, the Cavs, the Timberwolves and a really depressing discussion about the New Orleans Pelicans. Enjoy!

Cover Photo Courtesy of Dan Favale


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