Thursday Kickoff

Kickoff is 4 Down’s daily round-up of the best links the internet has to offer.

First Down

It looks like the last of the Miami “Big 3” is on his way out of South Beach.  Chris Bosh will become a free agent, but it still remains to be seen if he will, or even can, play again.

Chris Bosh (Mike Ehrmann:Getty Images)
Photo Courtesy of Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Second Down

On the other hand, Brock Osweiler absolutely believes he can play again and says the evidence is in “the film from the past two years.”  I’m guessing someone probably showed him the wrong tape.


Brock Osweiler

Third Down

Ice Cube has become the latest celebrity to ask LaVar Ball to put his money where his mouth is, which isn’t something LaVar Ball typically does so don’t expect this to actually happen.

Josh Lefkowitz:Getty Images
Photo Courtesy of Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

Fourth Down

For those of you who love the NBA but can’t follow the college product, Mark Titus is here to help you prepare for the NBA draft.

AP Images
Photo Courtesy of AP Images

Cover Photo Courtesy of Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

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