The Open Man: Episode 2

The Open Man is a conversational sports podcast hosted by No Coast Bias’s and 4 Down Territory’s Sam Pouncey. Each week, Sam will bring on a guest to discuss pertinent sports topics of the day. The hope is to be both entertaining and informative. If you have any topic suggestions or would like to become a guest of the pod feel free to leave a comment below.

Week two of “The Open Man” podcast is here.  This week we brought on another one of 4 Down Territory’s own with Ross Agee joining .  We discussed a wide variety of topics including the NBA Playoffs, MLB regular season, a few of Ross’s sports “Mount Rushmores”, his thoughts on the Auburn Tigers spring football, and of course Donald Trump (only briefly I promise!).  Give it a listen if you want to know Ross’s sporting event wishlist and top athletes.  He also flipped the tables and made me give my top 4 rivalries to attend.  As I always, feel free to leave comments, topics for future episodes, and if you ever want to be a guest I assure you I won’t keep you waiting too long to make an appearance.  Enjoy!

Credit Cover Photo to Dan Favale

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