4 Down Championship Series: 2017 MLB Draft

The 4 Down Championship Series is a new kind of fantasy game developed by the creators and contributors of 4 Down Territory.  The idea of the game is simple.  We each draft a number of teams and accumulate points throughout the season.  Whoever accumulates the most points wins.  Think of it as a combination of fantasy sports and betting futures (if that were legal obviously).

We made it to our second 4DCS draft last night, and as you could probably guess this was our MLB draft.  The rules are the same as for the MLS.  We each pick four teams total: two from the NL and two from the AL.  The Major League Baseball season is a grind, but we will provide updates along the way and playoff time should get even more exciting.  Enjoy and as always feel free to leave feedback with whose collection of teams you like best!

Photo Courtesy of http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3oiwoh


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