Late Night Sports with Sam and Ross: Episode V

We made it to our milestone fifth episode!  For today’s episode we felt the time was ripe given the current events and relative “lull” in major sporting events to have today’s episode focus on the vast and multi-faceted entity known as sports media.  Ross and Sam give an introduction about the pod and their overall views on sports media to kick things off (1:00).  Don’t worry though we still had time to knock out a little news (5:00) and bring on our guest Nate Vieira (9:32) who talked LeBron, Deflategate, and the upcoming Boston Red Sox season.  This week’s 4×4 (23:18) categories were the Best Press Conferences/Speeches, Best Sports Broadcasting calls, Things Not to Say at a Press Conference, and the Most Annoying Sports Cliches.  Producer Chris Kratzer joins Sam and Ross for the 4×4 and he and Ross tag team to “burn” Sam on multiple occasions, so that by itself is a good reason to listen.

Credit Cover Photo to AFP Photo/Monirul Bhuiyan

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