Late Night Sports with Sam and Ross: Episode I

We’d like to welcome you guys to our new podcast “Late Night Sports with Ross and Sam”!  This is the first episode, so we can promise you two things: this won’t be the last, nor will it be the best episode ever of LNS.  However, it will always be the first.  I won’t bore you with a lengthy intro, but we wanted to include a little table of contents here so that if you don’t wanna listen to the whole thing and need to fast forward to the parts you like you are free to do that:

First Impressions- 0:49

Super Bowl Recap- 3:02

LeSean McCoy- 4:05

ThriftSkool- 5:08

Guest Appearance Chris Kratzer- 6:18

Beyonce/Halftime Show- 7:09

Past Halftime Shows- 11:05

Future Halftime Shows- 14:20

Wrestling Entrance Music- 15:48

Is Wrestling a Sport?- 20:38

Risk in Sports- 26:22

Johnny Manziel- 33:00

Kyle Allen Comments/Kevin Sumlin- 36:24

Derek Fisher/New York Knicks- 38:08

Blake Griffin- 40:44

NBA All-Star Weekend- 44:10

At&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am- 46:43

Credit Cover Photo to AFP Photo/Monirul Bhuiyan



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