NCAAFB Week 11 Podcast

Sam decided to get a little nasty this week so be forewarned, but we are back to cover all of the week’s biggest games.  Sam tries to keep his pretty solid ATS going, while Levi dominates fantasy and Ross puts up respectable numbers in both fields.  Here are the score picks for this week’s games: (Sam- Alabama 31-24, Baylor 38-35, Georgia 28-27, Houston 35-31), (Levi- Alabama 30-21, Baylor 41-31, Auburn 24-21, Houston 33-24), (Ross- Alabama 31-24, Oklahoma 38-35, Auburn 34-28, Memphis 31-28).  As for the fantasy teams, Sam has Greg Ward, Derrick Henry and K.D. Cannon.  Levi has Josh Rosen, Leonard Fournette, and Corey Coleman.  Ross has Baker “B.M.” Mayfield, Jovon Robinson, and Gabe Marks.

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