Ross and Sam’s NFL Podcast: Week 3

Ross and Sam return to provide their take on all of the games of the week with spread picks and some fantasy advice along the way, as well as score picks for the primetime games and the major Sunday AFC North showdown.

Score Predictions

Photo Courtesy of Business Insider
Photo Courtesy of Business Insider

Washington vs. New York Giants: Sam- NYG-28 Was-23; Ross- NYG-28 Was-24

Cincinnati vs. Baltimore: Sam- Bal-23 Cin-21; Ross- Cin-20 Bal-17

Denver vs. Detroit: Sam- Den-24 Det-20; Ross- Den-27 Det-21

Green Bay vs. Kansas City: Sam- GB-34 KC-24; Ross- GB-28 KC-14

Spread Picks

Oakland vs. Cleveland (-3.5): Sam- Cleveland -3.5; Ross- Oakland S.U.

New Orleans vs Carolina (-3.5): Sam- Carolina -3.5; Ross- Carolina -3.5

Atlanta (-2) vs. Dallas: Sam- Dallas S.U.; Ross- Atlanta -2

Tampa Bay vs. Houston (-6.5): Sam- Houton -6.5; Ross- Tampa Bay +6.5

Indianapolis (-3.5) vs. Tennessee: Sam- Indianapolis -3.5; Ross- Indianapolis -3.5

Jacksonville vs. New England (-13.5): Sam- New England -13.5; Ross- New England -13.5

San Diego vs. Minnesota (-2.5): Sam- San Diego S.U.; Ross- San Diego S.U.

Philadelphia vs. New York Jets (-2.5): Sam- New York Jets -2.5; Ross- Philadelphia S.U.

Pittsburgh (-1) vs. St. Louis: Sam- Pittsburgh -1; Ross- Pittsburgh -1

San Francisco vs. Arizona (-6.5): Sam- San Francisco +6.5; Ross- Arizona -6.5

Buffalo vs. Miami (-2.5): Sam- Buffalo S.U.; Ross- Miami -2.5

Chicago vs. Seattle (-14.5): Sam- Chicago +14.5; Ross- Seattle -14.5

Photo Courtesy of MCT
Photo Courtesy of MCT



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