Week 3 Preview Podcast

It’s time for week three preview and picks.  You guys know the drill by now and as always the picks will be listed below.  Enjoy!

Score Predictions

Photo Courtesy of al.com
Photo Courtesy of al.com

Georgia Tech vs. Notre Dame: Sam- GT-31 ND-27; Ross- GT-28 ND-24; Levi- GT-35 ND-23

Auburn vs. LSU: Sam- LSU-23 AU-17; Ross- AU-28 LSU-24; Levi- AU-23 LSU-21

Ole Miss vs. Alabama: Sam- OM-34 Bama-27; Ross- Bama-27 OM-21; Levi- OM-30 Bama-27

BYU vs. UCLA: Sam- UCLA-35 BYU-20; Ross- UCLA-35 BYU-21; Levi; UCLA-31 BYU-21

Pick Six

Florida (-3.5) vs. Kentucky: Sam- UK +3.5; Ross- UK S.U.; Levi- UK S.U.

Georgia (-16.5) vs. South Carolina: Sam- SC +16.5; Ross- SC +16.5; Levi- SC +16.5

Texas vs. California (-6.5): Sam- Texas S.U.; Ross- Cal -6.5; Levi- Cal -6.5

Stanford vs. USC (-9.5): Sam- Stan +9.5; Ross- USC -9.5; Levi- Stan +9.5

Texas Tech vs. Arkansas (-12): Sam- TTU +12; Ross- Ark -12; Levi- Ark -12

Nebraska vs. Miami (-3): Sam- Miami -3; Ross- Miami -3; Levi- Nebraska S.U.

Fantasy Teams

UCLA QB Josh "Chosen" Rosen (Photo Courtesy of Max Himmelrich/Daily Bruin)
UCLA QB Josh “Chosen” Rosen (Photo Courtesy of Max Himmelrich/Daily Bruin)

Sam- QB Justin Thomas (GT), RB Nick Chubb (UGA), WR Jordan Westerkamp (Nebraska)

Ross- QB Josh Rosen (UCLA), RB Alex Collins (Arkansas), WR Laquon Treadwell (Ole Miss)

Levi- QB Jared Goff (Cal), RB Leonard Fournette (LSU), WR Juju Smith (USC)

Season Standings

Ross- 16-4 (10-10)*, 23 Fantasy Points**

Levi- 15-5 (6-14)*, 109 Fantasy Points

Sam- 13-7 (7-13), 131 Fantasy Points

*Parenthesis records are against the spread records

**Ross did not compete in the week two fantasy picks

Photo Courtesy of USATSI
Photo Courtesy of USATSI

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