College Football Chapter Two: The Search for QB1

The second installment of college football has concluded. The weekend’s games were fantastic and the late games offered plenty of drama. I wish they could have spaced out the big games a little better since most seemed to be stacked up after 5 PM. I had a chance to watch a lot games this weekend and several things are becoming apparent to me. What are those things? I’ll tell you.

First, the Auburn Tigers may not be what most expected them to be. I think it’s important to remember that the success of a QB2 doesn’t guarantee any success as a QB1. Jeremy Johnson has looked uncomfortable this season and I think that’s reasonable in this stage of the season. I never understood the expectation that he would challenge for the Heisman this year. He has plenty of physical tools and I think he could benefit from a more run-heavy offense next week. Peyton Barber is the only offensive player who makes an impact for the Tigers right now. The offense needs to center around him and rely less on Johnson. Johnson really needs to keep the ball on the read at least a few times because he’s turning that play into an inside trap. Auburn fans are missing Nick Marshall.

The Arkansas Razorbacks, also known as the team who has been given much respect and accomplished so little, lost to Toledo over the weekend. The Razorbacks rushed for only 103 yards on 31 carries. I thought this was supposed to be the best rushing team in the country? Arkansas was a threat to win the SEC, right? It turns out that was wrong. The Razorbacks, who are 2-14 in their last 16 SEC games, need a major adjustment in order to meet expectations. Arkansas couldn’t make any big plays and got down early. They aren’t built to come back from deficits and didn’t get it done. Oh, and the Razorbacks couldn’t get it done at home against Toledo. I look forward to hearing Bret Bielema‘s comments on Ohio State’s schedule going forward.


The Oklahoma Sooners came back from the grave against the Vols. I was very impressed by their resiliency and Baker Mayfield responded after a rough showing throughout most of the first three quarters. I felt bad for the Vols, who led 17-0 at one point. The Sooners are more accustomed to big games and won in an incredibly hostile environment. They could make some noise in the Big 12 after being overshadowed this offseason by TCU and Baylor. Baker Mayfield is also a great dancer.

I was surprised and confused that Oregon continued to play Vernon Adams when it was obvious he had injured his throwing hand. I can’t imagine the other quarterbacks on their roster respected the decision to play a quarterback with a busted throwing hand over a quarterback with a healthy throwing hand. I thought Adams played admirably and I liked his leadership. I didn’t like his inefficiency and inaccuracy. i thought Oregon should have gone with someone else because several of the passes that could have made the difference down the stretch went incomplete (passes that I think Adams would have completed with a healthy hand).

I picked the Kentucky Wildcats to go to a bowl game and I am glad I did. I really think they can get there and winning on the road against South Carolina was a big step. They started strong and then looked flat. I was impressed with their response and they finished the game. Michigan State won big on the national stage and I think they are a legitimate CFB Playoff contender. I was impressed with their resolve and they crushed the Oregon Ducks up front all game. Sparty held the Ducks to only 123 yards on 43 carries! The Ole Miss Rebels look like a whole new team with QB Chad Kelly. I don’t think there is much debate that Kelly’s ability to throw the deep ball has changed the complexion of the Rebels offensively.

Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly
Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly

QB1 is established: Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma), Chad “Swag” Kelly (Ole Miss), Kyle Allen (Texas A&M), Josh Rosen (UCLA), Tanner Mangum (BYU), Everett Golson (FSU), Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech)

QB1 is up for (at least some) debate: Alabama, Auburn, Florida Gators, Ohio State, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Texas

QB1 might not even be on this team: South Carolina, Notre Dame (*injury), Texas?

Finally, I thought about creating a playlist for Week 2 of college football. This is what happened.

  1. Tennessee Volunteers: Almost With by Bowling For Soup 
  2. Ole Miss Rebels: Locked Up by Akon
  3. Georgia Bulldogs: Georgia on my Mind by Ray Charles
  4. BYU Cougars: Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey
  5. Oregon Ducks/Auburn Tigers: I Need You by Tim McGraw
  6. Louisville Cardinals: Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day
  7. Florida Gators: Headstrong by Trapt
  8. Michigan State Spartans: Second Chance by Shinedown
  9. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.
  10. Michigan Wolverines: The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy

So what’s the rationale behind this interesting playlist?

Tennessee almost beats Oklahoma. They almost cemented their position as a SEC contender. They almost didn’t lose that 17-0 lead. Almost. Ole Miss star, Laremy Tunsil, is locked up amid an NCAA investigation. Georgia is located in Georgia, duh. BYU keeps using coming back in the 4th quarter. Oregon and Auburn are missing their starting quarterbacks from last season right now. Louisville just wants this month to be over. Florida’s Jim McElwain nearly blew a fuse on Saturday.

Michigan State made the most of their second chance against Oregon. Notre Dame’s losing guys to injury by the day. Jim Harbaugh has returned to Michigan and they looked impressive over the weekend.

*This is album is not sold in stores.




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