Sam and Levi’s NBA Podcast: 1.6.14

Cleveland Cavaliers Breakdown

Bill Wennington Handsome Devil All-Stars

Games of the Week

Sam and Levi debut our first NBA podcast.  We cover the recent three-team trade.  In our “adopt-a-team” section we discuss the oft-talked-about Cleveland Cavaliers.  We also crown our first All-Star starting 5 of the year: the Bill Wennington Handsome Devil All-Stars.  And no, it isn’t gay for men to mildly objectify other men.  I think a listen would be worth your time, because what could be better than two unathletic white guys with Southern drawls talking about the NBA?  Feel free to comment and share with your friends.  Here’s a picture of Bill Wennington in his prime for you guys.


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